Alberto Fernandez confirmed that negotiations with the International Monetary Fund are continuing in Rome

However, one of the statements that opens a unique perspective is that the President confirmed today, Monday, that negotiations between Argentina and the International Monetary Fund and their technical teams will continue at the headquarters of the Argentine Embassy in Rome with the aim of opening the agreement.

The information that reinforces this movement is that the Minister of Economy alone will not be part of that meeting Martin Guzman, but also Secretary of Strategic Affairs Gustavo Bellez And on the side of the International Monetary Fund, sharing Jeffrey Okamoto, the first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund and the United States’ strongman in the organization.

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“The negotiation process is in place,” he said, “Martin and Pelez stayed in Rome with the team. I think what made a lot of sense for Argentina was that we came here to discuss what is happening in our part of the world. The post-pandemic world is a suffering world. Heavily indebted countries. Many countries are in crisis.”

Domain President Alberto Fernandez asked about his last meeting with him Kristalina GeorgievaThe head of the International Monetary Fund, a few hours ago, on Saturday, at the Argentine Embassy in Rome.

“Negotiations are progressing with the difficulties involved in negotiations. There are many competing interests. There is a financial world that has shown failure and is reluctant to change and accept the crisis it has created. Dinner was good. It was good. Good meeting. We told each other frankly, we believed our desire to Fulfilling our obligations, but not at the expense of putting people off.”

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This journalist asked him what the “good” meeting meant. “It was productive,” the president said, and continued, “We are looking for mechanisms to continue moving forward and find points of agreement. We talked about the flight attendants, and he told me that they were due to be analyzed in December. I am leaving satisfied. With the urgent need to look for one solution, teams remained The box with Martin and Baileys on top of it.”

In response to a question about the possibility for the IMF Board to move forward with addressing the points recommended by the G20, he said: “In December, the Board will meet and they will discuss, among other things, this recommendation that was made. I understand that If he talks to me (through Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the International Monetary Fund) and we have constant contact, the readiness is there.”

And when asked whether Argentina would receive support from the countries contributing to the body, he said: “I am doing a hard job with all of Europe and it has been repeated this time again, with Merkel, Macron and Pedro Sanchez. First, I would like to thank them for their support, what we are achieving now is for the G-20 to understand Argentina’s proposal and to provide flexibility for low- and middle-income countries. The G20 also asked the IMF to discuss additional fees. I am satisfied, we have achieved the goals we set for ourselves.”

In conclusion, he noted, “It is clear that Argentina cannot pay $19 billion next year, and we are working so that we can reach a sustainable agreement. That development is not being postponed and a socially costly plan and it can be fulfilled in time. Obviously. What Macri signed on is impossible and clearly an agreement on a plan proposed by the Fund, and that its failure was demonstrated in the first review.”

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