“Alba” is the successful Antena 3 series that is sweeping the world

The good series is timeless. They exist in the viewer’s memory, and are part of a moment in his life in which they are burned by the subject matter they touch, and the acting that makes him so honest and close smooth text, which, even at times fictional, sounds like the truth itself. But there is another way to achieve eternal life for the series, and it is a strategy that, in response to its quality, makes it reach the entire planet, giving it the opportunity to make millions of people smile or shed tears. “Alba”, the series that premiered Atreus Player Premium It premiered successfully on Antena 3, and achieved a third life with its release on Netflix on July 16. Just five days later, the series starring Elena Rivera, Eric Massip, Alvaro Rio and Adriana Osiris, among many others, is sweeping the world and continues to shrink hearts, Now in all languages.

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