Alba Duñas, Presenter of the “Antena 3 Deportes” program that started as a trainee in “Espejo Público”

Antena 3 news The year 2021 began with remarkable changes. Among them was the replacement of Mano Sanchez at the helm Antena 3 Sports Three decades later, he continues to direct and deliver the morning version of the news. Then a gap in the sport was covered by three broadcasters who took turns in front of Space.

Angie RegeroAnd the Rossio Martinez s Alba Duñas Create Trident who since January has been in charge of broadcasting sports news on Atresmedia. Of the three, Dewenas was the most famous to viewers when she reached her new position, as she is the least likely to have worked in front of the camera, as well as being the most secretive and judgmental of her life abroad. newsroom.

Alba Duignas is a journalist and has a son Years related to writing from Antena 3 news. She started her career in the series as a colleague at Espejo Público and in 2011 joined Roberto Brasero as editor for TimeIt can sometimes be seen as a precursor to replacing Mercedes Martin, a stint she also took on the morning news table during Lorena Garcia’s maternity leave in 2018.

Details about the presenter’s private life are virtually unknown. The only thing that has happened so far is that he studied journalism at Complutense University in Madrid, where he graduated in 2009.

After she ended her career Alba He moved to the UKHe worked in various positions while learning the English language and searching for his first opportunity in the field of journalism. This is how he told her last March Ecotiv: “I left Complutense in 2009, in the midst of the economic crisis, something that many of my generation will feel has reflected on. (…) At that time I went without a penny to the UK to find my life and was polishing tableware for 14 hours.”

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When he returned, he decided not to give up in this effort and continued to strive to devote himself to journalism, for which he enrolled with a master’s degree in radio and television.

One of the few things that is known about his personal life is that he is a great person Sports enthusiastHe plays Crossfit regularly and is very fond of football. Additionally, she is a staunch supporter of Atlético de Madrid.

His only known social network has been an inactive Twitter profile since 2019 in which he only shared news about his work, so any aspect other than his face in front of the cameras, from his birthdate to his marital status, is totally cool. Onlookers secret.

In the face of the new professional challenge that has been raised Antena 3 SportsAlba admitted in the medium that the series was not expected to trust her with this mission:I was surprised that I did not expect that. I am very shy, but I think you have to take on challenges, because it means growth and you always get the positive things out of it. He concludes: “You have to take advantage of opportunities, get the best of yourself and try to measure them.”

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