Al-Khelaifi announces the new format for the 2024 Champions League as a “success”

Speaking in English via video conference, Al-Khelaifi stressed, “I think this shows that the new format was a huge success even before it started, just because of the TV rights sales.”

What changes will happen in the Champions League?

The Champions League will undergo its most radical re-establishment in 20 years in 2024, which was officially announced last May after the storm created by the Premier League, a special competition project launched by several clubs in 2021.

“Football must evolve but in a way that respects all clubs: small, medium and large,” said the PSG president, who also chairs the European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA vice-president.

The TV rights to European club competitions were awarded for 15 billion euros ($14.88 billion) over three years (2024-2027), a jump due to the expansion of the Champions League to 36 teams.

The new format that will come into effect in 2024-2025 foresees, in place of the traditional group stage, an eight-day mini-tournament involving all teams.

In response to a question about the financial model of clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester City, which are owned by funds from Qatar and the UAE, respectively, Al-Khelaifi replied that “football needs investments to develop” and warned of the “disastrous debts” of some clubs. .

“Without naming names”, the PSG president criticized the clubs that supposedly belong to its members, but whose fans “do not control anything”, allowing their leaders to leave their posts at the end of their tenure, leaving important debts to their successors.

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