Agustín “I am Rada” will be the fearsome Aristarán Tronchatoro in Matilda, the musical: “I am so happy”

Next Thursday, June 1 Musical Matilda It will debut on the stage of Gran Rex and will undoubtedly be one of the biggest theatrical bets of 2023. Not only because of the international productions it enjoys, but also because of the professional quality of its protagonists, among them Agustín “I am Rada” Aristaránwho will put himself in the shoes of the fearsome director Agatha Troncatoro.

Recently, in an exclusive interview with Neuquen minThe famous actor revealed how this experience entered his life. “They asked me to be part of the play and I automatically said yes, there was no question,” he admitted. The Road Adding, “My challenge is being able to do something completely different from what I’m used to.”

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