Age of Empires 4 will showcase their gameplay at a franchise event on April 10th

next one April 10, 5:00 pm. (Spanish Peninsula Time) a A digital event dedicated exclusively to Age of Empires, The famous epic of historical strategy, will appear on a large scale Play From Age of Empires IV Where we can get a look at its gameplay, civilizations, campaigns, and more. This is confirmed by those responsible today, in an article published in a newspaper Xbox Official Blog.

Age of Empires: Fan Preview – As this event is called – it will have an estimated duration half an hour It can be viewed through various channels, either on Twitch s Youtube, As in other platforms such as Facebook Live The Bilibili, The latter focused on the Chinese audience. You will also be able to watch the broadcast with a file Official Franchise Page It has been emphasized that, in addition, There will be “exciting news” running Age of Empires II: The Definitive Edition s Age of Empires III: Final Edition.

The release date has been announced for Age of Empires IV?

In the event preview trailer, you can see a Garnish for what will appear on the tenth of next April. In fact, some new gameplay sequences are coming more than expected Age of Empires IVWhich still doesn’t have a specific launch date though, According to rumorsAnd the It will arrive in mid-2021. For now, only the PC version has been confirmed Neither Microsoft nor Relic Entertainment are ruling out console adaptation; Yes, the priority of those responsible for the game is “Make it work well with your keyboard and mouse”.

Age of Empires IV It showed up a few years ago, though It wasn’t until 2019 that we would even be able to see him in action for the first time at excitement Play And it’s the only thing we’ve seen in the game so far. Although its release remains unknown, Those responsible for this handover make sure that it is indeed finished And that Only some rough edges remainTherefore, we shouldn’t take long to know when it will be released for PC.

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