Age of Empires 4 includes a graphic mode that allows it to be played even on medieval PCs

Age of Empires IV Open this Thursday October 28 on PC Being available from day one on Xbox Game Pass, which will undoubtedly open the doors of this new version of the popular strategy franchise to a huge community of players. However, this is not the only decision that World’s Edge and Entertainment leftovers To reach as many people as possible: They have also created a series of Graphical properties To allow the new to run age of empires On the most humble computers.

As explained by those responsible for the game in an article published in Xbox Wire, during development Age of Empires IV they realized that The franchise community continues to use old computers or with integrated graphics; Upon discovering this trend, they decided to create a game mode that would allow fans to move to the new version without the need for an update hardware.

from here Activate automatically When the game detects that the computer in question needs to run properly, although it does include a series of graphical settings that can be reviewed and modified in the menu itself.

Lower visual quality and no eight-player battles

By activating this mode, game players Age of Empires IV You can expect texture Lower resolution, less disruptive effects, simplified lighting, and lower visual qualityIn general, but we will also have to say goodbye to one of the most anticipated features of this version: the eight-player battles. Those who have a computer that does not meet the minimum requirements should settle Battles of up to four players, but it might be worth it for them just because that way they will be able to play the game.

employment Vandal We were able to play Age of Empires IV and in Our analysis We tell you thatVery good strategy game, with many modifications in the playable mode that it updates to adapt to today’s mechanics without losing the essence of the epic and allowing us to be in front of a very distinctive and interesting title for all kinds of fans of the genre “for whom”But it lacks a little magic, perhaps out of originality and also for a better application of some or other mechanism to achieve to be transcendent or impressive as, above all, his second impulse.”

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