Against cancer: the teams arrived at the first proton therapy center in Latin America أمريكا

it’s a . center nuclear medicine It is located on Avenida San Martín y Nazca, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood agricultural engineeringThe work was built from a project of the National Atomic Energy Commission of the Nation’s Energy Secretariat, which accompanies the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and Invap SE (Applied Research).

in that place a oncology pole, with the inclusion of the Centers for Nuclear Diagnostic (FCDN) Foundation Centers, established by CNEA; and Foundation School of Nuclear Medicine (Fuesmen).

Construction of the CeArP began in July 2019 on a site provided by UBA and the new building will consist of approximately 8000 square meters over four floors, located in front of the Ángel H. Roffo Institute of Oncology (Ioahr), the institutions with CeArP It will be linked to general care and holistic approach to affected patients cancerCNEA reported in a statement.

CeArP will be divided into two parts of clinical treatment, mainly oncology: with protons and photonics, and will also include a laboratory for research and development of proton therapy (Laidep), with the aim of strengthening research activities and training human resources.

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The equipment of the first proton therapy center in Latin America has arrived in the country

A few days ago they arrived from Belgium Equipment, including a cyclotron The most important machine in the system and the parts associated with the transfer of protons.

In this way, all clinically oriented research, human resource training or training activities can be conducted under conditions directly applicable to the therapeutic context, being one of the few centers in the world that will have a room with an independent package similar to that used in clinical wards, the report added. CNEA.

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These strategic decisions will allow CeArP to be a leading scientific center in proton therapy, with a strong focus on research and development in the field of health, as it is associated with reputable medical and technology institutions with a strong academic, scientific and technological track, the document said.

The Proton therapy It is one of the treatments that must be treated by nuclear medicine for the treatment of various oncological diseases, especially those that are difficult to access.

Due to its accuracy, it is considered the most advanced form of radiotherapy, since the used proton beams leave most of their energy in the tumor and preserve nearby healthy tissues, thereby improving the quality of life of patients.

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The equipment of the first proton therapy center in Latin America has arrived in the country

The equipment of the first proton therapy center in Latin America has arrived in the country

For this reason, proton therapy has definite benefits in treating children with cancer. For this reason, you will work in clinical collaboration with Pediatric Hospital Prof. Dr. Juan B. Garrahan, another internationally renowned institution, is a reference hospital in the holistic approach to children’s health and a reference center for the care of highly complex childhood illnesses across the country.

This project is set to CNEAA Due to its character as a leading and innovative institution within the National Science and Technology System, which includes as an essential contribution to this project, the availability of the largest research groups in neutron-based particle therapies, which develops and uses nuclear reactors and accelerators and advanced technology for health, produces and supplies radioisotopes for the country and the region.

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In addition, it has training and research institutes in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy associated with national public universities, including such important profiles as medical physicists, due to their indispensable role in the design, planning and monitoring of treatments in collaboration with physicians. Radiation therapists, the latter mainly comes from the Roffo Institute.

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