Aftershocks, a documentary about the infamous behavior of tourists in the Everest earthquake

Valencia. They will never convince me. I’m watching clips from the Netflix documentary Aftershocks: the earthquake that hit Everest and Nepal From climbers climbing Everest with ladders, laying them as an impromptu passage in chasms hundreds of meters deep, only sons of bitches come out of my throat! The same thing happens to me with the videos of those who juggle on skyscrapers. They make me sick. If people do, I’d rather not know. If, moreover, they pay tens of thousands of euros, please hide this information from the children.

Although this is not the most unfortunate thing seen in the documentary Aftershock: Everest and Nepal Earthquake, Titled on Netflix for a Spanish audience ReplicasIt is a film showing some tourists who come to this mountain at the peak of bitumen. In the first place, an American asserted that the trip cost him thirty thousand dollars and because of the earthquake he would not have stayed without a ride. The delusional idea that he explains by explaining that he always achieves what he sets out to do and these kind of slogans that are the worst stereotypes in that country.

Anyway, the most pathetic are some of the Israelis. Your experience is great. The earthquake struck them, they survived, and they decided to escape. Along the way, they passed a town that had been practically leveled. Among the locals’ belongings scattered around the place, they find a bag full of bills and photos. They decided to take it with them. When they went down, when the locals realized what they had, they asked for it and refused to hand it over. The inhabitants of the place, having lost all their kin, even after recognizing the deceased original owner of that suitcase, became violent and the confrontation was about to end badly.

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Oddly enough, it is the tourists themselves who tell their experience. They grumble a bit, and say they wish it hadn’t happened, but the facts are out there. Even today, those who snatched the bag with the neighbors’ belongings are still angry and explain the matter in this way in front of the cameras. What is relevant to the question is how, having starred in such events, someone gains the courage to explain themselves in a documentary that will be broadcast all over the world. Especially without consolidating the version of facts, because she continues to lie to the camera and it’s even worse.

This shabby act of indignity occurred in the context of earthquakes that killed 9,000 people and destroyed 600,000 buildings. It was the worst since 1934. In fact, the criticism this documentary series, made in the UK, received was that it focused too much on the stories of tourists. To make matters worse, it is these tourists who play the biggest role in the entire series. Similar treatment is given only to the hotel owner who saw how he collapsed with his wife and children inside.

The controversy reached the director, Oli LambertWhich was justified by saying so Another movie could have been made with just the discussions That they had to decide how much heroism the tourists deserved and how much the Nepalese. “From day one of production, the question we asked ourselves was how to make a disaster on the Indian subcontinent not be framed as the experience of a group of whites vacationing badly.” As it happens, coincidentally, though there are a few minutes at the end devoted to salvage missions in very interesting cities. A boy is being pulled out after three days from the rubble of a building because he was lucky enough to have a pot of butter on hand.

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Apparently, the deaths of 22 people in the base camp who were preparing to climb the mountain had already hit 50% of the headlines at the time despite the deaths of thousands of Nepalese. The production team knew. The director says that “as filmmakers, we didn’t want to fall into the same trap,” but he also knew that what would thrill audiences was everything surrounding the ascent of Everest. It took them two years to decide where to shoot. The truth is that where there were more home videos of the day of the earthquake, it was where the tourists were.

The truth is, the documentary could be broken down better. In this way, the Nepalese tragedy could have been properly told and thus given a place to the tourists, who not only had the best pictures but also came across the tragedy when they were living their experience, or whatever they want to call it.

What we will not do is lie. The tourist part is great. It will definitely be what I never forget after shock. The American who says he wants to climb to the top even if there is an earthquake because he pushed, and if he pushes there it must be what he says, he is an epic figure. A real jerk. As well as the girl who accompanied him, who admits that what possessed him was not showing weakness towards his friend. Why do these people leave their homes?

Israelis who steal their catch can pass as brainless young tourists because there are thousands all over the world. By observing the behavior of these examples, the conclusion is to what extent tourism is degraded by money and little respect for places because, as gringo explains very well, the mentality that since you pay, you are responsible.

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