After the phenomenal bochazo in medicine, they asked for more information about postponements

UNLP College of Medical Sciences analyzes information on massive hit after fuss from the results of the examination corresponding to the head of the Department of Anatomy C. In this sense, the board of directors Approved a request for data to assess the impact of the number of failures and student performance on freshman course subjects.

This action was taken because 80% of the students failed the test, causing a huge surprise in the entire educational community. In this framework, representatives of students, alumni and professors Discuss a statement from one of the student groups requesting specific statements about the situation in order to be able to delve into the problem.

Despite dealing with the first face-to-face test, after what happened with the pandemic, College authorities and the president have indicated that the average pass rate over previous years is 60%, so having only 20% of exams that have been well done raises the alarm. Thus, the request was accompanies unanimously for the rest of the parties.

It is worth noting that through the group of students AutismStudents raised their voices and argued You do not have enough time to study the topic. Although they did not directly refer to the preparation and degree of difficulty of the exam, They have asked the college authorities to return to full attendanceespecially in subjects where face-to-face work and learning is essential.

For his part, the chair of the Anatomy C chair, Angel Nardozzi, gave details about the preparation for the assessment, which was rejected by about 800 students: “It caught our attention above all because the level of questions asked in the examination did not have a great demand. It was not complicated,” adding, “NoThis has never happened to us. Generally we have 60% approval, and this time we only got to 20%”.

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Finally, in the face of the claim of students who demand “Greater attendance in anatomy classes”, as well as in other subjects, the teacher was very clear and said:Attendance in our subject, and in the college itself, achieves this as required by the programme. This is not an excuse for poor exam results.”

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