After the elections, 50% of families seek to immigrate to countries like Canada and Spain

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Sunday 16 October 2022

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The desire of many Colombians to emigrate to other countries has become, as evidenced by the Colombian immigration figures, which indicate that 3,024,273 citizens immigrated.

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This was motivated not only by the political and economic situation with the rising dollar and inflation, but also by securing their assets in places that have the scope and solidity to ensure economic stability, as a protection mechanism.

According to Canadian government figures, between 2007 and April 2021, about 92,000 Latinos were accepted as permanent residents, the majority from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. For various reasons, in Jiménez, Higuita, Rodríguez y Asociados, 30% of families seek to transfer their assets to countries such as Canada, which is one of the most attractive countries due to its political stability and because “it has signed a free trade agreement with Colombia that it has provisions to protect Foreign investment and a double inclusion agreement so that tax rates are lowered or eliminated,” says Casas. With these treaties, subject to certain requirements, assets are protected from dangers or damages.

With 30%, Spain is also another country considered for Colombian families who want to transfer their assets, since they have the facilities to apply for Sephardic citizenship and because, like Canada, they have a double tax agreement and it is advantageous to lighten their tax burdens.

The United States is also a considered destination, although it does not have the same advantages as Spain and Canada, it does have a free trade agreement with an investment protection clause. In this country there is a proportion of interested families of 30%, the remaining 10% corresponds to family groups that plan to organize their assets, but in Colombia.

Source: BPRensa Digital – Angie Sanchez

1942 people read this news

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