After the breakup fails, the studio led by Halo co-founder closes its doors

After 5 years and with a three-month project, the team has officially confirmed that they are ending the adventure.

Things haven’t been looking good for a few months. in September, Interactive V1 Announced Server shutdown From Disintegration After only three months at work. Imprisonment and what The game mechanics weren’t quite satisfying the users, Caused it to go unnoticed and to dispense with more. Now, the situation has definitely got worse and the study has announced its final closure after five years of operation.

It was with Brief message on Twitter They confirmed the official closing, with a farewell message: “We want to thank all the talented people at V1, past and present, who have helped make the past five years wonderful. And a sincere thanks to the wonderful community that supported us.“.

5 years and a project to shut down servers in just three months; Luggage V1The fruits of V1 in these five years were the aforementioned breakup, which combined first-person action with a real-time strategy. Some of the dangerous mechanisms that didn’t work out completely: Simultaneous Players on Steam have reached a maximum of 539; Too little for a project with the ambition they started, so just three months after its premiere, the servers were shut down. A few months later, study.

It must be remembered that there are experienced employees at the forefront, with a team leading it Marcus Leto, Founder and Co-create the Halo saga. A month after the creative breakup shutdown He was totally negative, even though he was turning to future projects This will not happen in the end. Even if it’s only to express tribute, we leave you with us Dissociation analysis.

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