After Psychonauts 2, Double Fine will be working on something ‘new and amazing’

Tim Schafer talks about his studio’s plans, noting that they can work on multiple games at the same time.

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What now Psychology Pioneers 2 It has finally arrived, as the studio behind the title, Double Fine, already believes
in your next project. Tim Shafer،, CEO of Double Fine, stated that the studio plans to work on something original and “Quite a surprise”, as is the case for the home brand.

We are very excited to do something completely new.Tim Schaeffer, CEO of Du Doublefine“All this was, in a way, Looking back at more comfortable things“Male Schaeffer.” I really enjoyed making those transformers, I loved making an adventure game [Broken Age], and I love working on Psychonauts 2. But I think the team and I are very excited to do something completely new, People will be surprised“.

Schaeffer also mentioned that the studio plans to work on it Various projects same time. “We’ll definitely come back to multiple projects later. Until that happens again? Who knows? We don’t have rules about it, but we’re ready to do a lot of projects and have enough ideas to do it.”

Now that Double Fine is in the Xbox family – since 2019 – the next studio title will be the first to come out exclusive For Microsoft consoles and all other platforms with the extension Xbox Game Pass. However, this exclusivity can already be observed with Psychonauts 2 itself, since the game has its own version of Xbox Series X / S (With very short load times), but on PS5 we can only play the PS4 version for backwards compatibility.

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The first month of Xbox Game Pass for 1 euro

“They’ve given us a lot of creative freedom,” Schaefer said of Xbox. “No one questioned our decisions or something like that. We have been tasked with handling the entire creative side. We had the resources, but we were left with our own team to handle the creative side of the game, and that was great. Microsoft kept its word Especially what they told us at the time of the acquisition.”

Psychonauts 2 is coming August 25 For PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PS4. If you are interested in the title, we invite you to read our site Pioneer Analysis 2.

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