After hinting at a new Silent Hill, they deleted the interview with Akira Yamaoka without offering much explanation

The composer unleashed the fantasies of Konami fans with his remarks.

the silent Hill Two words. Akira Yamaoka Two more words. And if you add two and two together, you get a sign The new Silent Hill game. Well, math doesn’t work that way, but after the legendary Japanese composer said in an interview this week that he’s working on “something people bring up You were waiting a long time to hear, Epic lovers Konami It wasn’t long for that to deceive them Rumored new Silent Hill It was finally a reality. We don’t know if this is the case. What we do know is that after just one day, This interview has been deleted.

If you clicked on the link for yesterday’s news, or if you are looking for it The interview with the composerThen, you will notice that the video has been deleted from YouTube suddenly. That’s after releasing Silent Hill’s fan theories, which does nothing but Add more fuel to the fire Of rumors. In a statement on social media, the authors of the interview, Love, stated the following:

We were asked to remove the video, and it was removedthe love“we present to you thanks for your supportWhich helped spread our interview with Akira Yamaoka yesterday around the world. We have been asked to remove the video, And it was removed. We apologize, and keep abreast of upcoming interviews. As you can see, this statement omits two important details: why you were asked to withdraw the interview Who asked them Interview withdrawal Does this mean that Yamaoka is working on a new Silent Hill? Probably not.

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Or at least check out this video It is not “conclusive” evidence of anything. It is possible that Yamaoka himself requested his withdrawal to avoid sparking fan theories, or there are other reasons for this. What we do know is that the composer’s last game, AverageAvailable now on PC and Xbox Series X consoles; Silent Hill is back this week, But as a DLC for dark deception. For his part, the original creator of this saga left PlayStation in December. To establish a new development studio.

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