After criticizing those without children, the Pope has now targeted those who enjoy food and clothing.

the Pope Francisco critical today is consumerism Obsessed with what we will eat or with what we you will wear‘, when celebrating in the Vatican the Mass called Epiphany.

“We are what we want. Because it is desires that broaden our outlook and push life further: beyond the barriers of routine, beyond Boring life in consumption“, Effects the pope During the celebration in St. Peter’s Basilica.

“We have become obsessed with needs What to eat or what to wear, leaving the desire beyond volatility,” Francis criticized in his homily. In this regard, Francisco He lamented “for the activism of societies that have everything and often no longer feel anything in their hearts”. “Because lack of desire leads to sadness and apathy,” he added.

During mass on the second Thursday of the year, mass Baba also drew a self-criticism Towards Catholicism he questioned whether the Church was not in a self-referential position. In this regard, she asked, “Do our words and rituals provoke people’s desire to turn to God, or is it a dead language that only speaks for itself and for itself?”

for him BabaAlong these lines, “It is sad that a group of believers does not want more and, in fatigue, goes too far in managing rather than allow themselves to be surprised by Jesus.”


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