After Canada, NACAM turns red-hot

Pilots Cordero and Hernandez retain only a two-point advantage

After completing the Maple Leaf Country Tour (Canada), the Mexican drivers and teams are already on their way home.

Ricardo Cordero, Miguel Granados and Gustavo Oriostegui came back very satisfied with the results obtained after two dates they played in this beautiful country. Which, no doubt, was very favorable to this trio of intrepid pilots, who left important marks in these two great events.

Beginning last July 2, the Baie des Chaleurs Rally took place on the southern coast of the Gaspé Peninsula, in eastern Quebec, where Ricardo Cordero and his navigator Marco Hernandez took victory.

While the Mexican duo of Miguel Granados and Gabriel Marin Jr of VP Garage this weekend were responsible for claiming second prize on this important trip, winning the Quebec Tour de Portneuve after completing the interview. Stages in 1 hour with 2 minutes and 4000 seconds when controlling a Skoda Fabia Rally 2 #555.

The highlight of this victory was the 0.100-second difference over compatriots Ricardo Cordero and Marco Hernandez, who after those two disputed dates remained top of the championship.

However, the current victory of Granados and Marine Jr. was of vital importance to the fight for the championship to turn into the Red Hot, as the difference in points between Cordero and Granados after these events is only two units.

Ricardo Cordero and Marco Hernandez after four disputed dates in the year, collect a total of 119 points, while Miguel Granados and Gabriel Marin Jr add a total of 117 units.

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As for third place in the overall drivers’ table, after those two races it was occupied by Leonian driver Gustavo Oriostegui who, despite leaving during his first race in Canada and not scoring, this week simply showed that he wants and is ready to grab the drivers’ championship in the Rally 5 class. Because he managed to finish eighth overall in this second competition, which put him in that position with 60 points.

Thus, he leaves Ecuadorean Diego Serrano in fourth place with 44 points, and his compatriot, current category champion Patrice Spitalier, in fifth place with 17 points, and finally Ecuadorean Javier Serrano in sixth place with 0 units.

Without a doubt, these two rallies that took place in Canada left a good taste in the mouths of both attendees, who will now, upon their arrival in Aztec land, have to play two more matches to complete the 2022 FIA season. NACAM Rally, beginning with the Sierra Juarez Rally which will be held on August 26 and 27 in Oaxaca City, and closing the year on November 25 and 26, the Mountain Rally in the city of Tapalpa, JAL.

Source: NACAM Rally Championship

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