After a few hours with Tower of Fantasy, this new free RPG aims to replicate the success of Genshin Impact

A high-quality, free-to-play open-world RPG? Tower of Fantasy follows in the footsteps of Genshin Impact by giving us a high-quality free video game, which has already attracted many players. I will tell you what its potential is.

I can’t hide that I was looking forward to it. fantasy tower. From the first time I saw it, it reminded me a lot Jinshin effect, just with a more futuristic touch. However, the original keys were there. The manganime style is very similar. Map design has the same essence. The battles are equally graceful. After running it, I can tell there are more similarities than differences, to the point that I initially thought it was developed by the same developer.

But no, this game is from Hotta Studio, a Chinese company, the details that once again show us that something is changing in the products that come to us from Asian lands. despite being a free to playIt has some great production values, and from where I’ve played it feels more like a single player adventure than a typical MMO experience. It has an elaborate storyline, lots of dialogue, lots of cut scenes, and very high production values. It was only released a few days ago, and it’s now up and running with quite a few bugs, but the numbers speak for themselves, as do the trending topics on Twitter: It’s a hit. why? For the same reason that caught my eye: I’ll tell you everything below.

An open world action RPG in the style of Jinshin Impact

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One of the first amazing things about Tower of Fantasy is its presence character editor. It has pure anime core, where you can control a lot of aspects, from eye types, nose, mouth, hairstyles, colors… to overall control over breast size. Yes, this is a game that doesn’t cut it in that sense, with Waifu designs and a good handful of aesthetic stereotypes taken from Japanese manga. I’m not here to criticize it, but to tell you what this editor looks like, which on the other hand is very powerful and elaborate, being the perfect starting point for an adventure.

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The map is powerful and offers the freedom to explore in the purest style of Genshin ImpactThe next thing that caught my attention was the heavy weight of Narrative, at least during the first bars of the tour. There are a lot of dialogue sequences. You can skip it, but the game itself tells you that there, the story is important to immerse yourself in what the Tower of Fantasy suggests. In fact, it is no small thing. The plot takes place in a distant future in which humanity was forced to leave Earth due to lack of energy and resources. This is how it looks to us Aidaa world outside the planet Earth has the possibility to use aluminumunimaginably powerful. Humans build a tower to capture its energy, but something terrible happens and the inhabitants end up affected by a horrible human being.

To find out what’s going on here we are, who will discover the bewitching open world of large dimensions. I can confirm this: the map is powerful and offers freedom of exploration in the purest style of Genshin Impact (which in turn inherited some of Zelda Breath of the Wild’s features). By this I mean the possibility hiking Or use the technological equivalent of parasailing: a Drone that takes us from one place to another. We have a motorbike practically from scratch! All this allows us to cross the stage in thousands of ways until we reach the camps of enemies, lost treasures, and dungeons of which there are a few.

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Of course, there are parts that guide the narrative, and in that sense I was surprised to see the scenes where I stood behind a tower, or flew through the air and fired at an enemy ship as if these were gunshots. I wasn’t expecting it, although I’d still be wary in case it was something situational or if it was miscellaneous being kept for hours. For now, I loved this perspective, because even if these parts aren’t as elaborate, trying to do something refreshing is appreciated.

fantasy tower for computer

Overall, I find it to be a fun and addictive game. In particular, the battles shine, which fits in with what could be an action RPG, but which ones Obtain slashes hack items How Bayonetta, with quick attacks, combos, dodges and even a version of the time of the well-known wizard. The presence of different weapons and fighting styles, combined with unique technologies, gives rise to a combat diversity not to be underestimated. Of course, I want to check how it works in the long run before drawing a conclusion. It seems to me, for example, that other online players are involved in the same game and can support you, something that has happened to me on more than one occasion.

Another aspect that surprises me is feeling of progress: it’s huge. It goes without saying that we are leveling up, but the most interesting thing is the number of weapons we can improve and the skills that can be unlocked. Then there are a lot of tasks and activities that give us rewards. There are so many options, I can’t deny that I’m overwhelmed with it. It takes a while for you to understand how subsystems work, which speaks volumes for the current depth. naturally, There is a paying part for you to hurrybut in the time I’ve played, I haven’t lost anything.

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fantasy tower

And I have already told you that the production values ​​are not bad at all. In fact, they are also amazing. At the moment, the game lacks the Polish language, but anime aesthetic, combined with the essence of perfectly smooth and colorful shading in the settings, it looks really good. The animations are very accurate, the sound effects are great, the music is of high quality and the performance on PC is convincing (even on the most modest PCs).

There are so many options, I can’t deny that I’m overwhelmed with it.What I want now is to keep playing, something that I think highly compliments those first impressions with Tower of Fantasy. Later I will tell you in more detail how it has progressed, already with a more stable version of the game. But for now I would like to tell you to download and try it. If you’ve liked Genshin Impact, you’ll probably love this one, too. She has many similarities, but at the same time she knows how to distinguish herself with her precise narrative and futuristic style rather than some proposition that she was able to give your personality.

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