Afghanistan: Taliban warns ‘there will be consequences’ if US delays withdrawal | President Joe Biden does not rule out continuing evacuations after August 31

The Taliban warned on Monday that the United States and its allies risked “consequences” if they delay the withdrawal from Afghanistan.. President Joe Biden does not rule out extending evacuations beyond August 31It is the date he set himself for completing the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, although White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan asserted on Monday that the speed of the operation “exceeds expectations” of the government. for his part The British government of Boris Johnson has reiterated its intention to ask the United States to prolong its operations in Kabul During a virtual summit of the Group of Seven held on Tuesday.

In a new incident amid chaotic evacuation efforts for those trying to flee the country after the Taliban seized power, An Afghan soldier was killed and three wounded in a shooting at the entrance to Kabul airport. Meanwhile, the Taliban continues to send fighters into the north of the country to eliminate the last pockets of resistance to an invasion that culminated on August 15 with the capture of the Afghan capital.

‘There will be consequences’

“If the US or the UK ask for more time to continue with the evacuations, the answer is no. Or there will be consequences.”, announced Suhail ShaheenTaliban spokesman for British Sky News. US President Joe Biden, under pressure from his allies, announced on Sunday the possibility of keeping troops beyond August 31 to continue the evacuation. “In the remaining days, we believe we have the resources to expel the Americans who want to leave Kabul.”Expected insurance Jake SullivanNational Security Adviser to Washington.

Since they seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, The Taliban are trying to convince the population that their regime will be less brutal From previous experience between 1996 and 2001. But His promises do not put an end to the will of thousands to flee the country. The United States has already evacuated about 33,000 people since August 14, and hopes to get 15,000 Americans out of the country as well as about 50,000 or 60,000 Afghans.

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Johnson wants to extend the period

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will ask Joe Biden to extend the deadline for evacuating those who wish to leave Afghanistan. Johnson’s government, which held a virtual G7 summit on Tuesday, understands that without the US presence in Afghanistan, other countries will have no choice but to halt their own evacuations as well.

“It’s really important for people to understand that the US has more than 6,000 people at Kabul airport and that when they pull out, that will take the tire off and we’ll have to leave as well,” the British defense secretary stressed. Ben Wallace La Cadena BBC. “I don’t think there is any chance that the UK will survive after the US. “If their schedule is extended by a day or two, that will give us an extra day or two to evacuate people,” he added.

He’s not the only ally to come out in favor of extending the evacuation. This was confirmed by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian France considers an “extra period” “necessary” to complete the process. Germany is in negotiations with the United States, Turkey and other countries to keep the airport open after August 31. Is that the Taliban spokesman Shaheen She said The exact date is a “red line” so what An extension of the US presence “would provoke a reaction.”.

“Call them”

Taliban blame US for killing civilians at Kabul airportBy making sure that the “withdrawal effect” that triggered the evacuations is behind the chaos at the Afghan airport. “US forces stationed at Hamid Karzai airport are responsible for killing civilians because they invited them.”The main rebel spokesperson announced, Zabihullah Mujahid.

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Mujahid confirmed that Taliban fighters are deployed in the airport area “so that irresponsible men would not allow entry inside the airport.” The Taliban spokesman’s words came on the same day that German authorities reported a An attack by an armed individual on the security forces deployed at the airport. The shooting took place at and inside the northern gate of Kabul Airport One Afghan security force member was killed and three others were injured, in an incident in which German and American forces also participated.

The government of the future is suspended

The city of Kabul recorded a certain calm on Monday. Taliban fighters patrol its streets and watch them from checkpoints. Although a government has not yet been formed, negotiations are continuing with Afghan figures to form an “inclusive” government. but The insurgents warned that they would not announce the formation of a new government with US soldiers in Afghanistan.

There was an outbreak of resistance outside Kabul against the Taliban. Some former government soldiers gathered in the Panjshir Valleynorth of Kabul. On Monday, the rebel movement announced that it had surrounded the resistance fighters and promised to “resolve this issue peacefully”.

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