Afghanistan / Iran. Iran and the Taliban blame the United States for trying to confront them

Tehran, 10 (DPA/EP)

On Sunday, the Iranian authorities and the Taliban criticized the foreign policy set by the United States, considering that the North American country is trying to “stir up disputes” between Afghanistan and its neighboring countries.

“One of the political strategies of the United States is to stir up differences between Afghanistan and neighboring countries,” said Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amirabad Allahian, at a meeting in the Iranian capital Tehran with his Taliban counterpart Amir Jan Mottaki.

Amir Lahian stressed that Washington will not succeed in its endeavors and urged the United States to learn from its mistakes in the policy it has implemented in Afghanistan over the past twenty years, according to Tasnim News Agency.

For his part, Mottaki lamented that the Joe Biden government is still trying to put political and economic pressure on Afghanistan even after the withdrawal of US forces, and he talked about the economic sanctions imposed by the White House, which he says affect 80 percent. One hundred Afghan citizens.

During a meeting with representatives of Afghan and Iranian diplomacy, the Asr Iran news portal published a report indicating that Iran would be willing to recognize the legitimacy of the Taliban and hand over the Afghan embassy in Tehran to the Islamist group, which the parties denied.

Iran remains divided over how to deal with the Taliban, which came to power in Afghanistan last August during the process of withdrawing US forces. Some political figures in the Gulf state indicate that the Taliban have changed, while another sector believes that the recent decisions taken by the government in Kabul show otherwise.

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