Afghan military plane crashes in Uzbekistan

Afghan military plane I crashed In Uzbekistan on Sunday, the Central Asian country’s Defense Ministry reported on Monday.

“military plane I crossed illegally border with Uzbekistan. The ministry’s spokesman, Bakhrom Zulfiqarouf, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that investigations are underway “into what happened.” France Press agency.

The first local press reports spoke of the crash in Surkundario province bordering Afghanistan.

said Bikbulat Okboyev, a doctor at a hospital in the area France Press agency Two patients dressed in Afghani were taken to hospital on Sunday night. One of them jumped out of the plane “by parachute”.. He explained that both suffer fractures.

Afghan forces have tried on several occasions in recent weeks to flee to neighboring Central Asian countries, especially Uzbekistan, since the Taliban offensive began in May, when the withdrawal of foreign forces began.

On Sunday alone, the forces of this country arrested 84 Afghan soldiers who had fled to Uzbekistan at the border.

The most dangerous airspace in the world

They travel around the world Photos of chaos at Cabo airportWith the new news of the Afghan military plane crash in Uzbekistan, the Afghan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) requested this Monday For all civil flights, avoid flying over the country.

A crowd of Afghans boards a plane at Kabul airport in a desperate attempt to leave Afghanistan. (AFP)

In Notam (“Notice to Pilots”), the ACAA advised transiting aircraft to deviate. And he was blunt: “Crossing through the air in Kabul will not be controlled.”.

Shortly thereafter, leading European airline group Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic suspended overflights of Afghanistan “until further notice”.

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“All airlines of the group are suspending flights over Afghanistan until further notice,” Lufthansa, which also owns Swiss and Austrian airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, said in a statement.

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