Aeroméxico has completed its financial restructuring: ASPA

Mexico City /

The Association of Pilots’ Union (ASPA) has revealed that today Grupo Aeroméxico has successfully completed its operation of… financial restructuringunder Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Codeswitching from a debtor-holder to a restructured debtor.

“This means that it must continue to operate in accordance with the business and restructuring plan approved by Bankruptcy Court in New York On January 28, 2022 similarly, it means that it regains its independence in decision-making. code.

The union body pointed out that All parties in this process made the right decisions to complete the process successfully.

ASPA pilots, through our commissioners, captains Santiago Lopez Cadena and Francisco Gomez Ortegoza, For the first time in history, we achieved Mexico To be an active part of the creditors committee of a company undergoing a Chapter 11 restructuring, and to achieve debt recognition for contributions made by the pilots,” emphasized the ASPA.

It was at the end of 2020 when Grupo Aeroméxico requested a financial restructuring under Chapter 11 of the US bankruptcy code, due to the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


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