Advances a public-private agreement in the culture of the nation and the United States

Ministry of Culture of the NationThrough the Ministry of Cultural Development and its National Directorate of Federal Integration and International Cooperation, It works on a joint agenda with the radio station KEXP-FM to promote the strengthening of the music sector in the Argentine cultural industries. There will be twelve groups and artists who will perform a Show at the Kirchner Cultural Center Broadcasting live on KEXP-FM station in Seattle, United States, From 19 to 23 September.

Thus, a program was opened in Argentina that seeks to promote the dissemination of our music worldwide, and to crystallize the internationalization of the music sector. The teams and artists selected are: Lucy Patani, Sarah Hebe, Pandalos Chinos, Riel, Blanco Tita, X, Apocalypse, My Indomitable Friend, Behind There Thunder, Marina Viggs, Joanna Molina and Nikki Nicole.

Both the Minister of Culture, Tristan Power As Secretary of Cultural Development, Lucrezia Cardoso National Director of Federal Integration and International Cooperation, Ariel Perettishaded The significance of this agreement with KEXP to achieve one of the primary goals they have been working on regarding the internationalization of Argentine cultural industries. They celebrated the possibility that would be offered to the musicians of our country to spread their music to the world.

Lucrecia Cardoso highlighted the agreement on “the impact it has on many other functions in the value chain, the promotion of local bands in their monetization, and of course the promotion of our culture and values.”Yes.” On the other hand, Ariella Peretti expressed that “the alliance of the state with the private world is also valuable for providing the possibility of expansion, connectivity and export for the music sector, which makes us very happy.” Argentina is the first Latin American country selected for this project that will provide a level of High exposure to publish our music in the United States.

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Argentina is the first country to pass a national law requiring a 30% quota for women and LGBTIQ+ artists in music festivals. Inspired by this, along with KEXP’s commitment to equal representation, the station is proposing that 50% of female and non-binary artists participate in the transmission and recording of twelve live sessions of Argentine bands from the Kirchner Cultural Center, which will take place from September 19 to 23, 2022. Broadcasts that the public will, in addition, be able to watch live at the Kirchner Cultural Center and through the KEXP YouTube channel.

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