Adrián Uribe no longer wants to be bathed with “El Vítor”

The Vitor is a parody of truck drivers (Image: Instagram / @adrianuribe)

TV comedian Adrien Uribe He had a chat with EFE and revealed that he can put his avatar aside to work on his standing routine.

The actor mentioned it while the truck driver sneered “I stayed in people’s hearts”, seeks to carry on with his idea of ​​never being stagnant and desires to do different activities in his career.

“I have always defended being authentic, and I don’t know how much I have contributed to comedy, but I know I have contributed with characters who have remained in people’s hearts (…), My career is in a fun moment Where I will do other things as well. “

The actor drives 100 Mexicans they say (Photo: IGadrianuribe)
The actor drives 100 Mexicans they say (Photo: IGadrianuribe)

Even his new stand-up project already has a name and release date, just that At the moment it will be distributed to the Latin audience only Residing in the United States, Adrián Uribe has not specified whether it will be broadcast by other means in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

“It’s made in my house, (…), I invited quite a few people and I was talking about my newborn baby, to my Brazilian wife and cultural differences.” The comedian explained to EFE. In Homemade classes, chapters of his life will be treated with a touch of humor.

Within this program that will premiere on August 20, Adrián Uribe will not be in his character as El Vítor, but will have a form of narrating the experiences in a more intimate way. “It’s something else compared to what they’ve seen of me beforeIt’s Adrian talking about his life, I talk a little bit about everything,” he continued.

Along with Consuelo Duval, this actor worked on Unhappy Forever (Photo: Adrián Uribe's Instagram)
Along with Consuelo Duval, this actor worked on Unhappy Forever (Photo: Adrián Uribe’s Instagram)

In a conversation with EFE, he also mentioned that he has some series and film productions in mind. Speaking of his film, he said, “I just finished a series with a more realistic character, as well as a comedy (…), it’s a completely different series, I tried to diversify.” forever unhappy where he appeared next to Consuelo Duval.

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Contrary to popular belief, “EL Vítor” is one of Adrián .’s most famous characters UribeAnd It did not originate from TV and much less in the program”rush hour” It is where it gained the importance it enjoys to this day.

The actor confessed to the channel stars That his distinctive parody was created long before his first appearance on Televisa, which occurred on September 7, 2000, when “La hora pico” was released.

Adrián Uribe is looking forward to doing new projects (Image: Instagram/@yordirosadooficial)
Adrián Uribe is looking forward to doing new projects (Image: Instagram/@yordirosadooficial)

“El Vítor was born on home shows, and started doing it on special occasions, and her name wasn’t ‘El Vítor'” With that, he was a minibus driver who went home to make his minibus available in case they didn’t know how to get back from the party,” stressed Uribe.

He added that one of the factors that enabled viewers to adopt his character when he began appearing on television, may be due to the fact that he sheds light on the daily life of a certain part of the population.

“He only embodies a strip of Mexicans characterized by cheerfulness, gossip and flirtation, but at the same time a person with good feelings, Because he is a noble person, but always with such an aspiration to improve. That’s the cool thing and that’s why I think the audience felt recognizing such a character.”

After his launch on the comedy night show, Adrián Uribe’s satirical driver began to gain prominence in other projects such as 100 Mexicans said.

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