Admission recovery is tested with fewer nerves than the first test

Two weeks after the first entrance exam for the medical school profession at the university, young applicants who did not reach 60% of the score appeared again yesterday morning in each of the areas assessed. At nine o’clock, the assessment began. About 790 boys appeared in the governorate and 380 others in Salta.

The complaint of discomfort (students surrendered to plastic chairs without desks) and the short time to take the exam affected the college authorities, who decided on this occasion to extend the exam period to four hours, one more than two weeks ago.

In general, the atmosphere surrounding the Club Central Córdoba basketball stadium, where the exam was held, was not as nervous and nervous as it was on February 11th. Instead, a more relaxed atmosphere was seen, although the seriousness represented by the examination of these characteristics was not removed. “Two weeks ago this seemed to be an awakening, there were a lot of boys crying.” Nicholas Werna, one of the guys who came to recover, said at least this time they saw better faces.

Jimena Alcorta, another participant consulted by LA GACETA, said this year is the first time she can take the exam she’s been preparing for since 2018. First she was banned due to poor results in high school, which she already left, then the pandemic has stopped. “I want to go into medicine because I don’t see myself doing anything else in my life. I feel like a lot of preparation time made me think that I would keep trying, and if I didn’t try in the future, I would be disappointed or disappointed in myself. I hope I can now. Access “.

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For most of those interviewed, the key in this assessment was time. “It was only good to do shows that we turned down. It was easier for me, I finished the test in under two hours and had a lot of time to control it.” I was watching for an hour, “said Bianca Silman.

The most difficult topic, according to the results of the first test, was chemistry: only 9% of boys passed the subject, against 39% who passed text comprehension and 20% in biology. “What happened with the chemistry is that there wasn’t enough time, and then I did the same exercises at home and that was something else,” Adad explained.

Although the medical entrance examination is known to be difficult, the college was not satisfied with the results obtained in the first evaluation. We echoed the students and extended it to four hours. Matteo Martinez, the dean of the college, said I want to stress that it is a complicated test because it is a difficult profession and because it is a difficult profession, so boys are wanted.

To explain the percentage drop in chemistry, the dean said that several factors had an impact: “The boys lived a year of pain due to the humanitarian crisis, so it stands to reason that they did not perform better than in previous years. Now, in physics and chemistry, the basic treatment of mathematics is implicit and in the hard sciences. We never do a good thing.Another phenomenon we noticed is that biology and reading comprehension were at the beginning of the network and chemistry at last, so the fatigue that occurs over time could also have an effect. “

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Applicants 2021

Both the entrance exams for the medical school that took place on February 11th and yesterday’s recovery belong to the entrance exam for 2020, which was not taken last year due to restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus. The entrance exam for this year will be held on the second Thursday of April, while the recovery will be on the fourth Thursday of April. Students who were not able to enter through the exams that correspond to 2020 will have the possibility to register for the 2021 entrance tables, as confirmed by Dean Matteo Martinez. “Being able to appear twice is an advantage and a reward for young people for tolerance and understanding of ‘enduring’ 2020.”

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