Administrators steal 1 TB of data and demand graphics changes

Although the company warned last week of a security breach, it is now confirming the worst situation.

nvidia They were preparing for a very positive 2022 match, as they confirmed it The lack of ingredients will begin to relax From the second half of the year. However, all of his predictions were put aside after A . was confirmed mass hack That puts their plans for the coming months at risk. According to NVIDIA data, this It does not affect your service with customersalthough you can already imagine that the situation is far from good.

Hackers demand open source graphics cards without restrictions for miningThe company explained that a security breach was discovered in February 23but this is when they officially confirm the hack and Large amounts of data theft. According to information published in the media such as the edgeAnd the Bloomberg or PCMagLAPSUS$ group claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed it was stolen 1 TB Content that will be filtered online if their demands are not met next Friday.


The hackers posted their statement on the NVIDIA Telegram channel, requesting that NVIDIA remove those features from all of its graphics cards that Limit cryptocurrency mining. On the other hand, they have also posted a second request that they are seeking All graphics are open source. After the first security breach, many users began theorizing about the possibility that these were computer attacks related to the situation between Russia and Ukraine, but NVIDIA rules out such speculation as no binding evidence has been found.

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NVIDIA has not provided more information on its business plan, so we’ll have to wait and see how this crisis unfolds. After all, hackers claim to have information about Recently launched RTX 3090 Ti And future reviews, not to mention secret information about the company’s products.

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