Adele’s workout routine has been criticized for being “excessive” by medical experts

Adele He opened his system Playing sports In an interview with the UK version of Vogue magazine which some medical experts have described as “too much”.

Speaking to the magazine, the 33-year-old singer explained that she has increased her exercise routine in recent years as a way to monitor her overall well-being.

“It was because of my anxiety,” he said. “By exercising, I will feel better. It was never about losing weight, it was always about being strong and spending a lot of time every day without my phone.

“I became quite addicted. I exercise two or three times a day.”

When the singer was asked more about what her routine was, she replied, “So I lift weights in the morning, then I usually walk or box walk in the afternoon, and then I go and do cardio at night. She was out of work when she was doing that. And I do.” That’s with coaches.”

However, comments have led medical experts to claim that exercising two to three times a day can be harmful and pose some health risks in the long run.

“Maintaining a moderate exercise routine is an essential component of living a healthy lifestyle,” said WebMD Medical Director John White. New York Post.

“But exercising two or three times a day is excessive.”

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White added that over-exercising can lead to “a large number of over-exercising injuries.”

“When we exercise, we put pressure on our muscles, bones and organs,” he said.

And if we don’t give those parts of our bodies a chance to heal after use, their function may begin to deteriorate.

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“When you over-exercise in the gym, you strain your body and your muscles.

“Your body then produces cortisol in response to that chronic stress,” he added. “And high cortisol levels can suppress the immune system’s ability to protect itself from disease.”

NHS . is recommended Adults who do “some type of physical activity” every day, whether it’s walking, hiking, or dancing. You can read more Here.

Adele appeared on the cover of the November British and American editions Vogue magazine.


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