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The recently awarded young researchers and technologists constitute a new and burgeoning break with Cuban science, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (Citma), Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, said during Tuesday’s award ceremony in Havana.

In the auditorium of the Cuban Academy of Sciences (ACC), 35 young people from Pinar del Río, Havana and Mayapeque, representing the 61 selected in the country in the 10 selected categories, were honored: Educational Sciences, Medicine, Physical Culture, Technologies, Informatics and Computing, Agricultural, Natural, Micro and Social Processes Human, biological and non-biological.

The head of Citma stressed that these are the works most relevant to the new generations of scientists and technologists, selected after a comprehensive analysis of the 209 files submitted to the 2021 call, which were evaluated by courts that are distinguished by their application and professionalism.

On this occasion, 26 awards and 35 mentions were awarded, which indicates the excellent level of preparation, alignment of teaching and research from the first years of study, learning the value of science, its rigor and demand, along with ethics and commitment to the country.

Pérez Montoya in particular praised the teaching work of the outstanding youth, who take on the assistantships and teach the courses. He said that the winners implicitly bear the duty that corresponds to a young scientist who contributes to solving problems in various social and economic spheres of our country.

You are the scholars of the twenty-first century that the country needs to continue working for sustainable economic and social development. They are part of that new generation that we need to face the challenges posed by the complex and difficult international context, full of tensions and aggressions.”

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On another point, the minister explained that a comprehensive care policy for children and youth in the country is being developed with the aim of making the science sector attractive and with greater participation of new generations, thus contributing to the satisfaction of their life projects. in Cuba.

“Training organizations also have a strategic projection that includes priority actions in order to reflect the main problems identified in training, formation, development and retention of human potential.”

On behalf of her colleagues, young Melissa Quintana Soto, a student at the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Havana and winner in the Social Sciences and Humanities category, thanked the professors and researchers who contributed to her training.

Luis Velázquez Perez, Chair of the ACC; Geller Carmona Brito, President of the Technical Youth Brigades (BTJ), among other officials and directors, attended the award ceremony for an initiative that emerged in 2001 at the request of the scientific community, along with the Young Communists Union, and began applying in 2004, in coordination with BTJ and other organisations.

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