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Motion cinema will not be complete if the number is Arnold Schwarzeneggerwho turned 75 on July 30.

Austrian oakIt was one of the most emblematic symbols. His face remains in the imagination of several generations.

With his own last name, he not only made history in the seventh art, but also left his mark on the BodyBuilding.

On the other hand, Austrian aspects such as their roles in Cinema. He’s done pure and hard work, comedies and even Christmas movies.

In his personal life he was also very changeable, BodybuilderAnd the the actor and became too Governor Governor California.

In 2003 it was the chosen For the first time and in 2006 it was so re-elected In his term, which ended in 2011. During his election, the Austrian gave up his salary as governor.

born in Thale, AustriaHe started very early on in the heavyweight and major exercises tournaments.

By the age of fourteen, he had already set himself the goal of sculpting his body afterward, according to what he narrated in his book Curriculum Vitae titled Total Challenge: my wonderful storyyou’ll find a picture book in which the muscular youngsters surround the majesty of alpine nature.

However, years later it was discovered that the book from National Socialist Propagandadesigned to glorify the supremacy of the Aryan race.

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