Accidents occurred and a group of piketero descended in front of the Ministry of Development building

Members of the city police and protesters organized from Polo Obrero accidents On Wednesday afternoon at 9 Julio Street, amid calls for increased social plans. A group of protesters stood in front of the Ministry of Development and They set up camp in the central squares. They plan to stay there until Thursday, when a new meeting with the authorities is scheduled.

At approximately 4:00 pm, security forces prevented the elements of the Polo Obrero Tendencia from approaching less than 200 meters from the Ministry of Social Development and They demanded the release of the effect of Metrobus.

The demonstrators, who were gathering under the slogan “bread, roof and work, break the debt agreement”, were intercepted and forced to retreat. A series of confrontations ensued, in which one protester was injured.

The background of one of the groups that shined at the event was the storming of the public building in October 2021, when it caused damage to the interior and injured two employees.

As I mentioned to Clarion Official sources confirmed that those who protested did not comply with the agreement, which provided for the release of traffic as soon as the authorities received them. When the meeting had already begun, a decision was made to drive them out with motorized troops and a tap truck.

Then they headed toward Istiklal Street, in what appeared to be a retreat. But moments later they regrouped to continue the protest, as traffic turned into chaos.

The clash between the two parties began around 4:00 pm and lasted only ten minutes, when the police cordon with shields and batons began tactics to respond to the protesters.

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Pushing and exchanging assaults increased tension at the time, although the most powerful focus was on the structure of the metrobus, a goal that the security forces prepared to release more quickly.

Around 4:10 p.m., before a hydrant truck appeared, the protesters began to retreat and the situation appeared calm.

At 5:00 PM, with traffic cleared, they continued to protest but on the sidewalk on July 9, Mexico. Meanwhile, the woman affected by the gases thrown by the police was loaded onto an ambulance.

According to the news, the request of the security forces was to liberate the transportation system that crosses 9 de Julio to be received. Demonstrators refused, as a result of which events took place. Another elderly woman fell ill and was quickly treated on her own.

Meanwhile, the meeting finally took place at the ministry’s offices.

At 6:30 pm, social organizations, after meeting with social development officials, who were not satisfied with them, announced that They will camp in the artery of Buenos Aires and meet again on Thursday In the morning with the members of the Ministry.

From the city government, they tried to dissuade the initiative.

Explaining the reasons for the mobilization, Tellam Agency, Patricio Minke, of Polo Obrero Tendencia stated: “We have acted today with the main claim that there is no work. There are unemployed here on July 9th demanding work and income by enabling work.”

He added: “Yesterday (Tuesday) there was also a very large crowd with the same demands and the response, yesterday and today, was the same not to receive organizations or give any response, with the aggravating circumstances that are today. In addition, there was a complete crackdown that did not allow us approaching.”

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Polo Obrero Tendencia is a breakaway from the movement of the same name but which no longer belongs to Partido Obrero but to Politica Obrera, led by Jorge Altamira and Marcelo Ramal.

The POT member commented that they had received in response that “there will be no income, there will be no new support for the unemployed, and that all those currently receiving Empower Work must take into account work in various businesses and tasks, for 16,000 pesos Without ART, social work, or job stability.”

Meanwhile, he criticized the joint police operation of the city and the federal police as well as the “implementation of the IMF plan”.

At half past eight in the evening, about two hours after it was publicly announced, the social organizations continued the promised camp, but on the sidewalks and without cutting off traffic.

Peketeros indicated that the intention is to wait there until the new meeting with officials agreed at 9 am this Thursday.

October events

On October 28, a group of protesters forcibly stormed the Ministry of Social Development, causing damage and injury to two reception staff. It happened during a demonstration by various social organizations that partially blocked traffic on 9 de Julio.

There were three detainees, who were identified by police sources as Abel Vazquez, Guillermo Pesca and Julio Dominguez.

They were denounced for attacking and resisting power and aggression. The three remained at the disposal of the Federal Police.

After the events, the demonstrators continued the siege of Avenida 9 de Julio. As a form of protest, bags of polenta were thrown onto the front of the ministry.

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Also, as recorded in a video, the detainees wrote a letter with polenta on the sidewalk.

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