About 7,000 Colombian students arrived in the United States in 2021

About 7,000 Colombians went to the United States to continue their academic programs. Photo: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM

GSC Education Advisory Published figures for the flow of student immigration towards United State and other countries in the world. It is very clear, the interest of young people to seek academic opportunities outside their home countries, particularly in ColombiaMany intend to access these opportunities to get better jobs and/or look for a new place of residence.

According to estimates, in 2021, About 40,400 students from South America decided to go to study in the United States, including 7,000 Colombians; Which confirms that the North American country is still the most desired destination for students, in fact, 36% of applications are still submitted to the USA. Although it is noticeable that many people have begun to think Canada As another attractive destination. Compared to 2020, the latter country saw an 89% increase in applications for studies there.

Director General of GSC Education, Mirko Chiappe advertiser:

“Although the investment of studying abroad can be between 30% and 40% more expensive than studying locally, the return can be up to five times higher in terms of expected salary.”

He added that of the 7,000 Colombian students who were able to enroll in American universitiesThey seek greater opportunities after completing their degrees, especially due to the fact that they are graduates of foreign universities.

The report adds The most attractive professions are engineering and businessAnd

“Other things, such as computer science or biotechnology, have aroused increased interest in the experience lived during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the evidence for this is that for two years more students have applied for admission to these programs.”

Some of these students have access to these academic opportunities on merit, for which they have been able to obtain scholarships, for their good grades and athletic skills. Others are fortunate enough to pay for their accommodation and expenses from their own resources, and many even choose to borrow in order to travel abroad.

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In this latter aspect, many companies, institutions, and government agencies offer alternatives for those seeking training in other countries.Whether it is for undergraduate, major, postgraduate, master or doctoral students. These options provide scholarships that cover in whole or in part Academic program costs, even insurance and maintenance aid.

some of these Colfuturefor example Provide scholarships for masters and doctorate in any professionThey only have to meet certain requirements such as be Colombian, have a university degree, write an essay with their intentions to apply to the program, and master a second language. Another is the program The Cultural Network of the Bank of the Republicwhich aims to obtain doctoral and master’s degrees in economics and economic law and graduate degrees in plastic arts and/or music.

In fact, the government United State It has two programs looking for Colombian students, one of them Fulbrightwhich is funded by Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This includes professional programmes, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as some seminars. In particular, this program offers scholarships exclusively to indigenous, black, and/or vulnerable communities.

The other is a program in association with Organization of American States, OASwhich assists in face-to-face and/or virtual programmes, in the institutions of several member countries of the said organization.

Some of the other entities that facilitate these benefits are Colombian Institute for Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad ICETEX, Carolina Foundation, FUNIBER, Roberto Roca Program, Inter-American Association of Educational Credit Institutions, Banco Santander.

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