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The religious right in the United States, integrated into the Republican Party, is for the first time in a position to achieve its great political goal in the last half century, which is to reverse the right to abortion. Free interruption of pregnancy was legalized by a ruling of the Supreme Court in 1973, known in legal jargon as Raw vs. Wade, which held that a woman had the right to an abortion without restrictions before the fetus became viable, a limit set at 23 weeks of gestation. Since then, the Supreme Court, with all kinds of opinions among its investigative judges, has reasserted itself in this precedent to reject dozens of restrictive legislative attempts by republican states. Until this year. On December 1, judges heard arguments in a case in Mississippi, which wants the cap reduced to 15 weeks. The judges’ questions are usually indicative of their opinion, and in this case, the development of the hearing raises the fear that the precedent of half a century will be severely damaged, if not completely reversed. Taking the issue into account actually goes against all precedent. A verdict in the abortion case is expected at the end of the current session in June.

A decision in favor of Mississippi would leave the limits of the right to abortion in the hands of the states, which in at least one degree would mean the serious limitation or outright elimination of that possibility. If you finally turn off the previous Raw vs. WadeFrom that moment on, millions of women in conservative-majority states will immediately see their right to abortion restricted by laws that have already been drafted and approved, waiting to go into effect. It is not just a legal insult against women; It is also nonsense that goes against the radical interpretation of individual liberty that underpins life in the United States, for better and for worse.

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It is important that you understand how you got here. This situation is possible due to nine “lifetime” justices on the Supreme Court, six of whom have conservative profiles (appointed by Republican presidents) and three with Democratic profiles. It’s the highest on the list for decades. Although this has not yet translated into a conservative list, the truth is that the three progressives have a very difficult time adapting the majority. The current composition of the Supreme Court does not at all reflect the social majority of the country, is not expressed in opinion polls (only 20% want to ban abortion) and is not expressed in opinion polls. There are reasons for historical circumstances that explain this imbalance, but it is primarily the result of the machinations of the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who illegally prevented the renewal of a vacancy that President Barack Obama should have appointed. The position was held by President Donald Trump, who won against the odds in 2016 thanks to votes from a religious right he despised and promised to incorporate anti-abortion judges. Through an unelected institution, the North American moral right has gained strength that polls have never given it to launch an attack on civil rights, and it began with women’s rights.

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