A young man was beheaded by his brother and cousins ​​for being gay

“At 7 o’clock last Tuesday afternoon, Ali Reda had a phone conversation with her mother for the last time,” said Ajil Abyat, a friend of the victim. The young man’s brother took him from his house on the pretext that “his father wanted to see him” and killed him.

Meanwhile, friends said that “there was no news about him until Wednesday,” when Ali Reda’s brother called his mother and said, “We have eliminated him.” Faced with this confession, her mother had to take her to hospital due to shock.

They think they discovered his sexual orientation with the military service exemption card That arrived a few days ago. He also learned that prior to this massive event, the brother constantly complained about Ali Reda’s appearance and the way he dressed, saying that it was “a disgrace” and “embarrassed” the family.

After the body of the 20-year-old was found under some trees, his brother and two other cousins ​​of the victim were arrested.

6Rang noted that the fact that sexual orientation is a cause of demobilization and featured in the exemption speech puts gay men at grave risk in a society like Iran.

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