A woman investigated for illegally practicing medicine has been arrested in Santa Fe

A 42-year-old woman has been charged and placed under protective custody as she is being investigated for illegally practicing medicine in the city of Esperanza. Representatives of the Public Prosecution Office (MPA) were also able to verify, The pseudo-doctor served in an emergency company and also in a private sanatorium in that city.

At the hearing, Attorney General Alejandro Benítez attributed the crimes and fraud to him. on condition “Without a qualified certificate or registration, the defendant provided services as a doctor on duty, making diagnoses and making and prescribing medications for at least 30 patients between Wednesday 1 and 15 September this year.“.

The woman identified as NHDS was arrested on Monday

Regarding his nickname, from the MPA they referred to it In your CV, To be contracted with a health emergency company and a private clinic. Accused Referred to as a “presumptive medical degree.”. . as determined by the Prosecutor, The woman was using a stamp with another specialized license plate number which is currently working.

In addition, the prosecution confirmed that The defendant already has a history of practicing illegal medicine in Entre Rios, “We are finding out if she did the same at a medical center in Cordoba province.”progress.

For all of the above, Attorney General Benitez requested pretrial detention for the duration of the law because he considered there was a possibility of escape. In light of this, the preparatory coroner, Susanna Luna, accepted what was raised by the MPA.

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