A video of marital infidelity in the middle of a wedding that shocked the guests and spread again

A friend discovers that his partner is unfaithful I decided to take revenge In a controversial way, in the middle of his wedding ceremony in Fujian Province in China. The clip originally went viral in 2019, but was recently shared again on TikTok. through the account @33It has already garnered nearly six million views and thousands of comments from angry viewers. The bride thought it would be the beginning of a happy life, but she had one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

The scandal occurred when The couple entered the hall where the wedding was to be held and went up on stage. At a certain moment in the middle of the reception, it was announced that a video clip with the most beautiful moments of the last two years of dating that they both shared on a giant screen was shown. However, instead of those pictures, What was seen on the screen was a video of his girlfriend having an intimate relationship with another manHe. She Which baffled the guests.

This was the moment they revealed their infidelity in the middle of the wedding

The man achieved his plan: He installed a series of security cameras in the house to share with his then-girlfriend. When the woman was unfaithful to him, he believed that they were separated and trusted that at that moment he would not have witnesses. However, her partner not only saw everything, but also kept it for revenge on the wedding day.

To make matters worse, according to Chinese media, The man who was cheating on her fiance, her pregnant sister’s husband, that is, with his son-in-law. Although it is not known whether she found out that day or whether she was also a participant in the revenge.

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Unleash the video to surprise the guests Insults by relatives. The groom shouted to the bride:Do you think I don’t know?‘, to which she responded by throwing the bouquet at him furiously and lunging at him. The family had to separate them.

The video was posted on YouTube a few years ago and has already been viewed by millions of people. however, Opinions are divided between viewers of this platform and TikTok: There are those in favor of the way the friend showed his partner, while others argue that it crossed the line and that the matter should have been resolved in private.

some tiktokers They left their comments and criticisms of open disbelief: “Wow, she made her parents spend all that money on the wedding”; “He had the audacity to be angry as if he were the victim (girlfriend)”; “The video stopped before the best part. I need more chaos”; “I work at weddings, I wish I had worked at it”; “Maybe he learned that too late, he should have done it before he paid for the wedding in full.”

The moment the groom reveals his wife’s infidelity at the wedding@koolprince33 / TikTok

Australian Gate body and soul He published another couple’s case where it was the woman who discovered that her boyfriend was unfaithful. On the wedding day, he announced that instead of the wedding ceremony, everyone wanted to be part of the “honesty celebration.” The friend, identified as Casey, began reading letters that arrived days earlier than expected, in which she was warned that her fiancé Alex was cheating on her. To avoid suspicion, he invited that woman to the party and surprised everyone.

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