A video of a Ukrainian attack on the Russian ship “Ivan Horse” denies Moscow’s version

The Russian Ministry of Defense released the video

video Naval drone Ukrainian Navy hit a Russian ship It seems to deny the version published by the Moscow authorities, who confirmed yesterday that the ship was unsuccessfully attacked in the Black Sea.

Yesterday it is Russian Ministry of Defense said his warship “Evan Horse” I was attacked early in the morning to no avail Three unmanned Ukrainian speedboats Near the Bosphorus Strait off the Turkish coast.

The Russian Ministry claimed, in a statement posted on Telegram, that the warship was protecting gas pipelines. Leave Stream And bluestream – which transports gas from Russia to Türkiye partly through the Black Sea.

According to the military note, the attack took place “in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Turkey.”

“All enemy boats were destroyed by the Russian ship’s weapons systems 140 kilometers northeast of the Bosphorus Strait,” he added.

Russia identified that spy ship Continuous completion of assigned tasks.

The Russian authorities even released a video showing one Unmanned boats Destroy the Ukrainians.

The video was released by the Russian Ministry of Defense editorial: prof

However, today new screenshots have surfaced A marine drone that is supposed to reach the target. The video has been published by several Ukrainian media, but its authenticity cannot be independently verified at the moment.

At the moment, it is also not known whetherEvan Horse suffered damage. Some pro-Kremlin propaganda channels published photos of the ship allegedly sailing through Bosphorus. However, these were old photos.

“Ivan Horse” is the only reconnaissance ship of the Russian fleet in Black Sea. to He emphasized that the attack would be a new blow to the Russian Navy, after the flagship cruiser Moskva was sunk in April 2022.

ship before being attacked
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The episode could heighten tensions Black SeaOnly last week, Russia agreed, one day before its own deadline, to extend an agreement allowing Ukraine grain export safely from their seaports.

Kyiv did not comment on the alleged attack.

In its statement yesterday, the Russian Ministry referred to the attack as a justification for Russia to expand defensive measures to its pipelinealthough no effects on the safety of cereal bowls were reported.

The large landing ship of the Russian Navy sails in the Bosphorus Strait (Reuters/Yuruk Isik/File)

In September, some explosions ruptured gas pipelines North Stream 1 And 2Which transports gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

Despite allowing the grain initiative to continue for another two months, Russia continues to complain that the West is not honoring its end of the bargain to remove barriers to the export of Russian grain and fertilizer.

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