A time traveler who arrived from the year 2582 and confirms that within two days a “copy of Earth” will be discovered Chronicle

a “Time traveler”, Which states that he traveled from The year 2582Confirmed that the astronauts They will discover again Earth next Saturday May 8. In the user posted video, graphics resembling science fiction movies appear and a warning: “This is not a joke.”

The adventurer known as “Authentictimetraveler” On Tik Tok, He posted a video on his account last Saturday, revealing that something very important will happen next May 8, 2021.

According to the time traveler, they will discover a “copy of Earth(Video capture)

This is not a joke. On May 8, 2021, astronauts will discover a planet that looks just like EarthIn our solar system, “ The time traveler is mentioned in the clip.

I add: It would be an accurate reproduction of us Earth, With a mirror effect. ” He also explained that it would be a “First time” That humans find Another human life in the galaxy.

His video is one of the most viewed videos on social media, and a sample of this is that 48 hours after the video was posted, he already had more than 1.6 million views And thousands of comments from his followers.

Among the many comments from netizens that recur frequently. “May 8th is near. Let’s see if your word has been saved or not.” “Well, in seven days, and still haven’t heard of this, I’ll be pissed off.” Or there are also those who use emojis to make fun of his predictions.

Time traveler “Authentictimetraveler” So far, he has decided not to answer questions about him, but has stated that he will reveal his identity in them Youtube If you get 10,000 Subscribers on your channel.

This prompted his followers to question his position. Some even answered: “Time traveler worried about the number of subscribers?” “You’re a time traveler, so why would you want a 10 kilo submarine?”

Interestingly, in recent days another time Traveler Who also claimed to be from the Sunnah 2582We came up with a conspiracy theory that Earth would go in “Three days of darkness” On 2026 And people warned against using artificial lighting during that time.

For his part, another guy is also claiming to be coming from the future, in this case of the year 2485 He warned viewers that there will be a big discovery this year, to be more precise in the future October 7, 2021.

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