A TikToker from the US is crying out to her friend for feeding stereotypes against Costa Rica

TikTok user Vanessa Lee, who was born in the US but lives in Costa Rica, called on one of her countrymen to “perpetuate stereotypes about Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.”

It all started on February 15, when Katya, another American tiktoker who lives in Costa Rica, posted a video about “How to Do Laundry in Costa Rica”.

In the video, the alien shows a dirty and damaged hand washing machine. “This is a Costa Rican washerwoman. I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Katya said, and then showed how she washes clothes with the help of a neighbor.

To fill the washer tank, the young woman needed a hose connected to an external tube. Finally, the tiktoker hung up her clothes that were still dripping water because the dryer didn’t work.

The audiovisual film, which is only 48 seconds long, has gone viral and has already garnered 4.1 million views, as well as 227,000 “likes” and 1,200 comments.

However, that doesn’t mean some users liked it, including Lee, who didn’t think twice about explaining why Katya’s video was offensive.

In her video, she shows me an automated washer and dryer in a space in her home and says, “This is also a Costa Rican washer,” in response to Katya. “We just have to be careful not to perpetuate stereotypes about Costa Rica and other Latin American countries,” he advised.

According to Lee, Katia’s video “may sound a little innocent,” but it fuels the misconception that all Costa Ricans “live in a jungle.”

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“This is not how all Costa Ricans do their laundry,” said the TikTok user, and then explained that some people have a hand washer, some have an automatic, and some don’t because it may be. It’s considered a luxury, but “that’s a reality in most places in the world,” not just in Costa Rica.

As American immigrants, let’s not hurt Costa Rica any more than we already have. pure life.”

The response quickly went viral and reached 246,000 views, 44,000 “likes” and 1,600 comments, just two days after it was posted; between them:

“Thank you, finally anyone who doesn’t allow Costa Rica to be seen as a jungle.” “We must be like this, always respecting all countries and cultures.” “Thank you for the clarification.” “Thank you. Some netizens wrote in the comments.

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