A teacher took a math exam inspired by Lale Esposito and it went viral

Patricio Zinn is an astronomer and professor at the University University of La Plata (UNLP) And he just got famous After designing a math exam Inspired by Lali Espósito’s Vélez show. in conversation with Argentine arrivesTell the teacher how he came up with the idea.

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“What Patricio Zane and Leandro Abaroa did seems like an excellent idea to me, because They did a trig exercise in which they included Lali’s recitation. It’s great for motivating students. Here is the motto: “Patricio and Leandro attend Lali’s concert in Velez on March 4, 2023. While playing the song “Disciplina”, Patricio looks at Lali’s face which forms an angle of 21 degrees, and there he continues to rehearse”, introduced Jimena Grandinetti, who asked: “I went On Saturday, I was dazzled, and what did I make of that?”

“I was a teacher during the month of February for the leveling course at Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of the United Nations Universitywhich was a course in mathematics for those entering the professions Astronomy, geophysics and meteorology. And on Friday, before Lali’s concert, this was the last collection. Since the teachers were responsible for exam preparation, We agreed to put together a trig exercise. But, instead of doing the classic with the ladder against the wall, we did it with Lali Esposito. Students love it“.

Marcello Bonelli asked him: “Did you expect it to be so widespread?”

“in my account Twitter I have quite a few followers so I knew they would laugh but I did not imagine such an effect, it only remained for him to get to Laleli‘ answered the teacher.

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Lyle Esposito’s workout result

Grandinetti asked, “And did you go to the party?”

“Yeah, I went to see Lali. She’s our pop star, it’s like she’s Madonna, Lady Gaga and she did a show at the level of all these foreign artists and she broke all of our heads,” he complimented her.

What is the result of this exercise?Bonelli wanted to know.

The result is that I am 4 meters away from Laleli. In the parade there was a fairly large walkway, so one could be very close to Laleli. And in the other exercise, in which Leandro picks up the cell phone, the result is that he sticks the cell phone in my face and I don’t see anything.”

Patricio Zinn told how he got the idea.

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