A symbolic hug for teachers and those responsible for the medical profession at UNSa – Salta

As she explained to Nuevo Diario, the lack of positive responses from the authorities of the higher educational institution would seriously jeopardize the continuity of teaching in the classroom and the normal performance of activities in the said profession.

This is how the fifth year student carried this medium Barbara Marinaro, who expressed his concern: “The race situation and the rejection we received from UNSa encourage us to show ourselves in a totally supportive and peaceful embrace,” said and detailed that students from year one to seven would participate in the activity. . “We want to give our full support to the administrative staff and teachers who are not coming to work tomorrow (for today).

In this sense, he explained that although the measure affects the student body directly, as today they officially started the second semester officially, it is supported: “We will support them to see if we will get a positive response from the university regarding their work, as That three administrators earn a salary of $30,000, a figure below the poverty line, and with complete dedication, without vacations or even a social enterprise, warned Barbara.

“These irregularities have existed since the inception of the degree in 2015, and they are administrative professionals who were trained by the National University of Tucumán to take care of all issues of concern to students and teachers at UNSa headquarters, for this very reason,” said the medical student, who added that the claim includes faculty members : “They work irregularly because they are not like the rest of the university’s professors, and invitations to work competitions must be opened for teachers.”

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Finally, regarding the recent session of the Supreme University Council, where the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine was rejected, Marinaro said: “We are unarmed, they cut our legs because we feel we do not know what is going to happen or where we are unemployed, and this is another reason to embrace our careers. We study in Salta because it doesn’t give us enough money to do it in other provinces, and that our careers are at stake is something that destroys us.”

teachers statement

The UNSA-taught medical school issued an official statement declaring that they have been on alert and mobilized since the beginning of the second semester, after the academic holiday: “As a result of the various situations that endanger the continuity of academic dictation, both for the agreement with the National University of Tucumán, and with the profession of the University of Tucuman United Nations”, confirms and explains that the resolution responds to the refusal of invitations to competitions, the creation of necessary positions for teachers and administrators, and irregularities in the management of the budget allocated to the post.

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