A sudden union strike prevents the return of Fragata Libertad to Buenos Aires

The frigate ARA “Libertad” cannot dock in the port of Buenos Aires due to a sudden stop of the tugboats.

A sudden strike was announced yesterday by the Maritime Workers Union (SOMO), through a statement issued on social networks, The frigate Ara “Libertad” is prohibited from entering the port of Buenos Aires. The emblematic school ship of the Armed Forces was scheduled to arrive today at 9 am, but had to dock about 50 kilometers from Puerto Madero due to the force’s action.

Armed forces sources confirmed Infobae That the arrival of the frigate Libertad has been delayed by the union action of the port unions, which prevents trailers from entering the school ship.

“We are waiting for the unemployment to develop so that we can determine when it will enter”they said this broker.

Through a press release issued this morning, the Argentine Navy, affiliated with the Ministry of Defense of the Nation, has identified the frigate Libertad “Currently moored at Rada La Plata, awaiting completion of its port entry after completing its 50th training voyage.”

On board the Argentine Navy training ship were 326 crew members.
On board the Argentine Navy training ship were 326 crew members.

Charles Peter ShavinskyCommander of the frigate ARA “Libertad”, this morning with T He said he was “optimistic” about the possibility that the SOMU leadership would recognize an exception to return to the port of Buenos Aires. “We used to go through storms at sea, and these will be other storms. It strengthens us, especially for the training of marines”highlighted the power despite the negative outlook.

Faced with difficulties in getting the ships docked on time, Commander Shavinsky estimated that the next high tide would be around 6:00 PM. The school ship entrance to Puerto Madero can be between 3 and 4 pm. He stressed that “given the peculiarities of this ship, it is not possible to enter the port without the help of tugs.”

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In any case, the Fragata Libertad authorities are already considering alternative plans in the face of the possibility that the suspension of activities will last longer than expected, including heading to one of the naval bases closer to Buenos Aires. “There we have our own sea tugs. We can enter Puerto Belgrano – near Bahía Blanca – which is our base, or any other designated port, without the need for private tugboats. Another option is Mar del Plata, but I hope I don’t get to that point. The families made a great effort to receive us. We hope it will be resolved soonSchavinsky kept.

Finally, the captain of the ship confirmed that “Water Restriction Operation” To buy time to stay in the Río de la Plata if you decide to.

ARA . frigate "freedom" He remained at sea for four months.
The frigate ARA “Libertad” was at sea for four months.

This situation affects both 326 crew from the ship as well as their relatives who traveled from different parts of the country to receive them after staying on the high seas for five months. However, it appears that the reunion will also be postponed.

After completing the 50th instruction flight, the ARA frigate “Libertad” should arrive on Saturday at the Buenos Aires Naval Station, according to reports from the Argentine Navy. However, a few hours after the ship arrived, the dynamometer was promoted by SOMU, from Stalled wage negotiations That its leaders keep improving the income of the locomotives operating in the ports. In the released statement, the union announced the force’s action “after intense negotiations and in the face of the intransigence of the business sector, at the request of unions Restructuring the salaries of the port locomotives sector“.

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For this reason, it was decided to decree “a complete cessation of activities in the ships that make up the FENA and the CNA in their entirety, effective 8:00 p.m. on the date of the date,” they explained on Friday. Moreover, they warned about it “This measure will be maintained until the official call from the union sector.”

Somo statement on stopping events (Twitter)
Somo statement on stopping events (Twitter)

He was also able to figure it out InfobaeThe strike is led by four port associations, including: At least two wanted to make an exception with the frigate Libertad So he can bind as provided. But the request was turned down and the force remains steady.

After the force’s action was announced, the union detailed in a timeline how port tugs, tankers and pusher tugboats should reschedule their normal activities when a wage-claim strike occurs.

After calling from the guild, The intervention of the Ministry of Labor is expected to resolve the conflict. The possibility of an agreement so that the frigate Libertad arrives in Puerto Madero as planned is still pending, and the crew and their families will eventually be reunited.

The Navy’s training ship is scheduled to arrive at the Buenos Aires Naval Station with a crew of 57 women, consisting of 28 officers, 92 warrant officers and 191 non-commissioned officers.

Through a statement, the Argentine Navy reported that the ship will arrive after completing its professional training mission for assigned marines. In this way the members were trained to “contribute to increasing their maritime knowledge, training them in a culture of teamwork and developing leadership skills”.

The ARA Libertad frigate has traveled 22038 nautical miles.  (Ministry of Defense of the Nation)
The ARA Libertad frigate has traveled 22038 nautical miles. (Ministry of Defense of the Nation)

Naval officer on commission Daniela Plaza explain to Marine Gazette – Gateway to the Armed Forces under the control of the Ministry of Defense – It was “an incredible journey, of great professional growth. We rose as cadets and descended almost as officers.”

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“All that we witnessed during the voyage, whether in port or on board the ship during navigation, allowed us to know the truth of life at sea, how they perform in positions, and the various tasks and obligations that an officer must bear,” Indian blame.

Indeed, he asserted, “There has been professional growth, one begins to understand the reason for everything, where we apply regulation, where we seek information if we need a particular thing, and in particular, we integrate important leadership tools to guide employees.”

for more than four months, The frigate Libertad traveled 22038 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of going around the world around the Ecuador line. 113 sailed and 35 resided in the ports of eleven cities in America and Europe: Fortaleza (Brazil), Castries (Saint Lucia), Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Havana (Cuba), Veracruz (Mexico), Baltimore (Northern United States). America).), Dublin (Ireland), Saint Malo (France), Toulon (France), Cadiz (Spain), and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

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