A sturgeon that is over 100 years old and weighs 270 kilograms caught a “living dinosaur”, so what did he do with it? – 04/11/2022

On what was a hunting day like any other, Dan Laliera fisherman from the city Alberta, CanadaLive an unforgettable moment. While he was enjoying his activity in fraser riverlocated in British Columbia, along with your guide, Yves Besson, he felt that the prey he was about to bring to the surface was not of normal proportions. After the impossibility of lifting it with the pulley of his stick, Went to the water to pull and started stunned.

After several attempts, he found a piece of unexpected size: A hemeralopic fishwhich weighs according to what he told USA Today/For The Win 270 kilo And nearly more than 100 years. In a video posted on social network TikTok, the guide commented, “After jumping into the water twice in combat, we all looked at each other in disbelief. The size of that giant fish“.

Still furious at the invasion, he added: “Although I have caught more than 22,000 sturgeon in my 20 years as a fishing guide, I never in my life imagined that I would be able to catch such a large and ancient specimen of this species which many fishermen know as Kind of “living dinosaur”Its origins go back to the Jurassic period.

The hemeralopic fish It is the largest of the freshwater fish, it can reach six meters in length and 1,500 kilograms in weight. This species, which is in danger of extinction, can live up to 200 years and is distinguished, in its physical structure, by the presence of a soft and long snout. Its usefulness is fundamental in the gastronomic sphere, since the roe of this fish is used to make the famous caviar, through a procedure that includes salt processing.

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Lallier, the direct protagonist of a curious moment for outdoorsy enthusiasts, commented, “This fish measures 11 feet (3.5 meters), and probably weighs about 600 pounds (270 kilo). We just managed to tag him, he may have never been caught, and now we’re going to bring him back to the river.”

The still stunned Canadian fisherman described the behavior of this rarely seen specimen: “This is very normal behavior for sturgeon to remain firm and docile in shallow waters after release. This giant fish swam away after release and I am sure it will live for 100 Another year, like the ones we appreciate are already there.”

Another precedent of the same magnitude was recorded in North America in the neighboring country of the United States, in May 2021, when members of the science team of the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) experienced a similar event with a female sturgeon. It was captured in the Detroit River in Michigan. The 108-kilogram sample served them to obtain scientific data on the Great Lakes ecosystem, with the goal of protecting species classified as permanently endangered.

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