A study revealed that a third of Marvel fans are tired of too many series and movies

Fandom, one of the major entertainment portals with over 350 million unique monthly users, has published its fourth study They analyze web traffic, consisting of wikis and articles, and survey 5,000 users in the US and UK. In this analysis they come to some interesting conclusions about the current state of popular culture. For example, they do Comparison of Marvel and DC fan habits.

The study notes that 36% of fans marvel They feel “exhausted” because of the volume of films and series launched by the “House of Ideas”. However, Fandom also reports that 81% of Marvel fans will watch any content from the franchise, regardless of the character or characters involved. 57% of fans Capital They are more selective and follow specific characters, and unlike Marvel characters, only 20% are exhausted by the number of series and movies.

UCM has become a restless content factory ever since they started releasing series on Disney+ that are related to the movies, and thus it is mandatory if you want to follow the general story development. DC in recent years has opted for a more open perspective, with more or less connected films added to completely independent projects such as ‘joker‘ also ‘Batman“. Movie Matt ReevesBy the way, it collected the most Fandom hits from the paranormal premieres of the year.

The four types of fans

Fandom divides its users into four categories. The Defenders are ardent fans who consider their favorite movies and series as part of their identity. Among the titles most followed by them we find Marvel, DC,star Wars“,”Harry Potter“,”Weird things‘ also ‘Rick and MortyThe intentional ones are not that hardcore, but they watch series and movies without distraction and keep up with them by learning everything related to them. They are fans of ‘Too bad“,”The Handmaid’s Tale“,”Dragon ball Z‘ also ‘Only murders in the buildingThey are the most popular group among its users. Culturalists see titles being talked about for fear of missing out on the conversation. Come’Ted Lasso“,”the sopranos‘ also ‘Addicts in PhiladelphiaFinally, spinners don’t run to see anything on day one, they see certain things because they’ve heard about them but don’t pay 100% attention or make that part of who they are.the desk“,”Spongebob‘ also ‘friendsRegarding these fan groups, Marvel will bring together more Defenders and Deliberators, while DC will have more cultists and spinners.

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