A startup builds studio homes in their backyard with recycled plastic

Azure Printed Homes (Azure) uses files Recycled plastic for 3D printing of prefab houses.

The company sells several models ranging from From a studio in the backyard to a two-bedroom house. aZure says it can build homes 70% faster and 30% cheaper than Traditional home building methods.

The 1,400-square-meter plant in Culver City, California, plans to print several structures per day to meet the growing demand.

Azure has developed innovative technology to create durable, habitable structures made of recycled plastic using a process that is much better for the environment than traditional construction and the use of concrete.

Backyard studios

Azure’s creative solution aims to reduce waste by making use of plastic that is already destined for landfills, or that often ends up in our oceans or gets burned.

Using recycled materials instead of new resources, Azure aims to close the cycle of sustainability in the 3D housing construction sector, Approaching the circular economy goal of optimizing previously used materials.

Azure will create the first durable residential community whose structures will be fully 3D-printed using the same technologies as reusing waste materials.

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