A startling find: they found a monster moth the size of a rat

a Moth The size of a mouse was discovered in a construction area of ​​Mount Cotton State Elementary School in Brisbane, Australia. Huge creature It is too big to fly.

The educational institution, which houses more than 600 students, described the discovery as “astonishing” when they posted photos of the insect on social media. director, Megan Steward, He said the species was about the size of a fist together and could be the largest butterfly in the world.

Although kids liked the discovery, Steward said they are also used to seeing strange animals living in the nearby woods. This is because this species is commonly found among the North Queensland And south New South Wales, And it is distinguished by its gray color and dark circular pattern.

This species has been officially recognized by the Chair of Entomology at the Queensland Museum, W. stave. Christine Lampkin, Like prof Wood moth.

We weren’t at school when the builders found the moth, but they did send us some pictures. There are two classes, fourth and fifth grades, with classes in the adjacent building where this insect appeared, so the teacher showed students an image of the giant moth and used it as a catalyst for creative writing, ”commented.

“They wrote some very fairy tales, Including Mrs. Wilson, her teacher, eating moths. “Added.

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