A Spanish woman living in the United States explains the things you should never do in this country

What not to do in the US (screenshot)

TikTok has become a window to new cultures. People from all over the planet echo their experiences in other countries and situations. In this context, it seems that the blows of some can mitigate the blow of others.

The culture and ways of relating differ greatly between some countries and others. For example, what may seem common to us in Spain may actually be very shocking behavior in other countries. Nuria Calvo, a Spanish woman living in Florida, demonstrates this on social networks, where she shares her daily life in the United States. And so, one of his most popular videos, which has reached 5.6 million views, addresses this very question. The description read: “5 things you should not do in the United States.”

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Calvo highlights the importance of respecting personal space in the United States. In this country it is understandable “Personal bubble” It's an essential thing, especially for those who live in urban areas. For this reason, the protagonist points out that when moving we must avoid “the inconvenience of walking.” Since invasion of personal space is a thing It is highly reprehensible. The rule is: “Don't invade the gringo's personal space.”

In addition, Calvo mentions tipping as another distinct cultural aspect. In the United States, it is common to leave a reward for service received, regardless of the circumstances. “You have to leave a tip.” Calvo emphasizes, highlighting that this practice reflects and is recognition of work in the service sector It is crucial for proper interaction in the country.

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Likewise, leadership is also influenced by the recommendations of Calvo who gives advice Avoid unnecessary use of the horn, Because it can be interpreted as an aggressive gesture. Finally, Influencer He mentions a sensitive topic: interacting with unknown children. In this sense, he recommends maintaining a respectful distance, reflecting the strict safety and privacy regulations for minors in the United States. “Do not interact with children you do not know,” he comments, stressing the need to be careful in such circumstances.

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The video has received more than 5.6 million views and nearly 156,000 likes. Moreover, Calvo's followers did not hesitate to share their impressions on the matter. For example, user Carlos Luis reiterated Nuria's experience. “It happened to me in Houston,” he wrote. “My wife went to the bathroom and sat on a bench. I saw a park behind me with kids playing and two police officers arriving.”

In this sense, while some found these five differences strange, others such as Anna Sol have argued that these parts must be common patterns of coexistence. “5 things you should never do in any country,” he writes.

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