A solidarity embrace to the health center: “People don’t take care of ourselves while we’re tired”

The implementation of professionals from the Regional Health Centers in the southern and southwestern regions of Rosario in Nucleus in Siprus, together with the population, social organizations and the ATE Federation, Hug in solidarity with Health Center No. 10 in Villa Manuelita, located at Tavi 4000In order to raise a series of claims to the Ministry of Health in the governorate.

According to what they quoted him From 12 to 14 (El Tres), health workers from district centers explained the situation they face in the context of the pandemic and the resurgence of cases. “Primary care is part of the health system, we have lost resources, we also need to reinforce care with staff, but so far the government is only looking with the eye of a bull. What strategy will they follow when people stop getting to the hospital? Elsa asked, One of the professionals in attendance.

“We’re asking for resources because we’re not giving out more, we’ve got 10 days off. So they can enable licenses and privileges that they don’t allow.” There are more and more demands and less rightsLament.


Health centers require a larger budget

Regina, another protester, remarked: “This situation extends to the main population and affects the entire population. We expected that they would open new wings, but who would take care of the family?” For his part, Geronimo warned:The family does not take care of itself, here we leave the body, we work the piece and we are exhausted. Our question is, what policies are in place for the professionals they should attend? And he considered: “We do not want to be the one who decides who gets a tube or who is treated, so they have to take action on the matter,” as he claimed.

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