A small town in Canada is installing a strange statue in honor of Cheetos

There is no doubt that Cheetos is one of the favorite snacks for children and adults. In fact, the passion for these orange chips is so great that she now has her own five-meter-high statue in Cheadle, a small town in Canada.

An initiative undertaken by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo that markets the popular snack, with the aim of honoring this famous orange appetizer that has conquered so many tastes around the world.

Many will ask: why in a small town in Canada called Cheadle and not in any other city in the world? Well, the reason is simple: The orange powder that the snack leaves on your fingers when you eat Cheetos is called Cheetle, which in English sounds like Cheadle.

A funny play of words, for Frito Lay, was reason enough to choose the small town of Cheadle to install a giant statue of three sticky orange sticks holding a large Cheetah.

“Where else could the iconic Cheetos brand honor Cheetle, but here?” James Gustelli, president of the Cheetle Community Club, said in a statement shared by the potato brand where you can see how the statue was taken.

That yes, Cheadle residents are still unable to see the new artwork that has been incorporated into the neighborhood, as the statue will now begin a journey through several locations in Canada, before it is finally installed in its new home.

The statue aroused all kinds of opinions

A photo that didn’t take long to catch the attention of networks who quickly started leaving all kinds of opinions on it: “Okay, now I can call Cheadle ‘Cheeseangelo’,” that’s cool. In Manitoba, many small towns have statues because of their popularity. Mellip has a fungus, Gimli dictates a Viking statue, Petersfield has a duck, etc.” or “This is the height of human achievement,” were some of the most common reactions.

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