A shopping center near Punta del Este caught fire

It comes to Oh! It is located in Labara district. Last weekend a fire destroyed Jose Ignacio’s Inn.

The closure of the 2023 summer season in Uruguay leaves two serious accidents at tourist sites. A week after the violent fire that completely destroyed José Ignacio’s La Susana hostel, another similar event occurred again near Punta del Este, where it took place this Monday. A shopping mall caught fire.

It comes to Oh! Which is located in the area of ​​La Barra which is popular with tourists because it acts as an extension of the social life of the famous spa town in Uruguay.

The incident occurred around noon, when some people began evacuating the building at 20001 Eduardo Victor Haídu Street due to the presence of smoke.

According to local media, it was caused by a fire that broke out in one of the shops located inside the institution.

It was a children’s play area, and from there they quickly alerted the fact, prompting firefighters to arrive on the scene only minutes later to bring the flames under control.

Thanks to quick action, the fire did not spread to the rest of the facility. The place is destroyed.

“There were no people affected or intoxicated by the combustion gases,” Sebastian Camego, Maldonado’s fire department chief, said in an interview with Telemundo news.

Regarding the operation that was carried out at the place, he explained: “When the Maldonado Fire Department was alerted, we attended a full fire train, tanker truck and drive-throughs so that we could respond quickly.”

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From this point of view, he stressed that one of the reasons for not escalating the fire was due to the speed of movement of workers in the damaged buildings.

“The important thing that must be highlighted is the first response of the site workers, who tried to reduce the temperature by installing fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, which preferred that at the time of the arrival of the firefighters, the fire was not of another kind. Reproduction, especially with the ceiling,” he explained in this. connection.

The fire was recorded by several residents of the area in videos that were later posted on social media.

You can see in the recordings the moment a column of smoke invades the mall, before the firefighters begin to act.

shopping statement

The shopping authorities echoed the truth hours after what happened and referred to the fire through a statement they shared on social networks.

“On the day of the date, at 11:50 am, a fire broke out in one of the shopping places, namely at the children’s point. All security and detection systems worked thanks to the work of our staff and the diligent assistance of firefighters,” they began by saying in the statement.

It was reported: “The incident was quickly resolved. All official protocols are in perfect order. No one was affected, that’s the only thing that matters.”

Uruguay shopping statement. filming

In this sense, they indicated that the mall will remain closed due to the incident.

They noted, “We are waiting for the property to be handed over by the firefighters for whom we are forever grateful. Once the fire authorities have confirmed that everything is in order, we will open the doors again with greater force.”

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They concluded: “Kids Point will remain closed until it is finished again and is kinder. Those with tickets will be able to redeem or redeem for other parks.”

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