A senior US military official will visit Ecuador

Ecuador will host the South American Defense Conference that will seek to strengthen regional cooperation between the armed forces.

Army General Laura Richardson, commander of US Southern Command (Southcom), oversees US military operations throughout South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. s Will visit Ecuador Next week to discuss security issues.

The goal is to hold bilateral and regional meetings in security cooperationIn the context of the Defense Conference in South America, which Ecuador will organize this year.

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The conference seeks to enhance dialogue between the region’s defense leaders and enhance cooperation between the armed forces. Participating countries seekDefeating transnational global threatswhich undermines the security of the citizen.”

The The event, according to the US government, “It will chart a course for future cooperation between security forces to support common goals,” he added.

With her inauguration on October 29, 2021, General Richardson became the first woman to command Southern Command and the third to command one of the 11 unified combatant commands in the United States Army.

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