A scientist was arrested for chaining himself to a bank door and warning of a major catastrophe

climate world Peter Calmus Belongs to NASA’s Jet Propulsion LaboratoryHe drew media attention after his arrest in protest of global inaction on climate change, where he warned of a major catastrophe.

Calmos protested on April 6 in Los Angeles, with a group of scientists chained to the entrance to a bank belonging to the c. B. Morgan Chase.

The group of scholars chose this bank because it is considered the largest financier of projects related to fossil energy, having allocated $382 billion between 2016 and 2021.

This data was published in the report “Banks in Climate Chaos”, It was carried out by a group of NGOs.

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The world is already free, and after the events of the bank, it posted messages on its social networks to stop the collapse of the earth, as Peter Calmos explained. “It’s not too late yet.” “Now is the best time to push! The movement has finally started to spread far and wide. Fight for every bit of class.”

Currently the world captured 200 thousand followers on his Twitter account with the aim of helping amplify the rebellion of scholars.

Peter Calmos commented that he reduced his emissions by 90% by stopping the use of aircraft, and called on the academic community in the United States to follow suit.

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The protest of Peter Calmus and the group of scientists reached the ears of the whole world and was held in more than 25 countries, bringing together more than a thousand scientists from the group. Scholars revolt.

Do you consider that the scientist committed wrong actions to be arrested?

with information from RT.

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